TV Days

I spend a lot of time house-bound. Going out has become difficult, and I’ve learned to take things very slowly. Do a chore, sit and recover. Do something else, and then more recover. Which means alot of down time. Here are some of the shows that I enjoy during some of these breaks. We don’t have cable, so everything we watch is either streamed online or bought. And we have a bit of a different taste in shows than many people, so this list is for those with similar tastes. I’m a nerd, a dork, a big kid…. I make no apologies for that! There are other shows we loved, too, that aren’t mentioned, but I picked out of my current watch list to share.


Black Mirror – A different outlook of modern technologies and potential consequences. Some episodes are highly satirical while others are experimental or comedic. 

Once Upon A Time – A modern life twist to the classic fairy tales we have grown up with, bringing the storylines together into one! A touch of razzle and a dash of dazzle, and everyone gets their happily ever after. Or…. do they?

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power – I honestly didn’t expect to like this as much as I do. I am pleasantly surprised by it. They have a diversity of characters, which represent people as they should be (as in: DIFFERENT) and it’s fun, light and creative, with just the right amount of sass and glitter.

Figaro Pho – Small mini stories about a boy who is afraid of ALL of the things, and how he overcomes each in a Tim Burton like world of animation.

Bates Motel – How does a story like Norman Bates even come to pass? What makes a person turn into a beast? This series weaves a great insight into the life and mind of Norman Bates and the events leading up to the events we all know so well.

Dragons Race to the Edge – The story of “How to Train a Dragon” is continued, packed full of fun, adventure and DRAGONS. And sarcasm, viking humor and chickens.

Orange is the New Black – it started with a normal girl living a normal life with her fiance, and took a strange twist of fate when she was landed in a women’s penitentiary. Filled with relatable characters that offer a great mix of comedy and drama, the series does take a darker path as the series continues on.

Santa Clarita Diet – a truly twisted, hilarious twist on life as a zombie. Who says zombies can’t be in real estate?

Haunting of Hill House – I binge watched this in two days. I love scary movies, and this doesn’t at all disappoint. It’s creepy, with a few jump scares, but the story is incredible.

Supernatural – Sam and Dean Winchester. Need I say more?

Altered Carbon – I wasn’t allowed to binge watch this without the husband, which is the only reason I didn’t finish it as quickly as the Haunting of Hill House. An incredible dystopian world with cyberpunk roots and everything a good story should have – murder, love, betrayal, and unexpected plot twists.

TrollHunters – One of my absolute favorites! A great cartoon for the whole family, but one that is easy to binge watch. It’s a great story with strong characters. I have to admit, I have not watched the newest season yet, after the death of Anton Yelchin. But I’m looking forward to it soon!


The Grand Tour – I’m not usually one to watch car shows, but being the wife of a car fanatic I find myself catching glimpses of shows I wouldn’t otherwise watch. This one, however, will actually keep my attention for the entire episode. The BBC lost a wonderful crew for their show that took a serious downturn, and I’m glad they were picked up by Amazon to keep on blowing shit up. Wit, sarcasm, silly adventures and beautiful (and some not so beautiful) cars await your view!

Hand of God – An interesting murder mystery that focuses in on both the weakness and strengths of those of us who are human. A story of manipulation, lies, grief, love, and conviction.

Grimm – a detective who works to keep balance between human kind and mythological humanoids. Drama and fantasy, with a twist!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – I honestly wasn’t sure about this one, but gave it a try and fell in love. Mrs. Maisel is a strong female lead who knows humility, strength, loss, and emotion, and rises above her struggles in the best way – with humor. And occasionally breasts. I’m very excited for season 2 to be released soon!

Preacher – another show of supernatural affinity, of course! A preacher with bad habits is supported by his unlikely hell-raising girlfriend Tulip and Irish vampire, Cassidy in his quest to do God’s work with a touch of command and debauchery.

American Gods – Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, so I was absolutely delighted to hear that Amazon was putting faces to the story! 

Good Omens – ok, I haven’t watched this yet, because it’s not release. But my giddy excitement for it means it’s worth mentioning for future possibilities! Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and David Tennant and oh my! Who needs to know what it’s about when you have the likes of these involved?

Jean-Claude Van Johnson – a surprisingly hilarious slap stick comedy where Jean-Claude Van Damme comes out of retirement to play himself as a badass, lucky, slightly arthritic 007. We were a little skeptical about this prospect at first, but that skepticism has turned into pure delight.

The Tick – he’s not Patrick Warburton, but he does the job just as well. This unlikely hero and friends confused in his wake leaves us in stitches in every episode.

Have a show you love that you want to share? Please do!